Department Of ENT


Ear Nose Throat Head And Neck Surgery

Treatments and Procedures:

  • Micro-laryngeal and ear surgery
  • Endoscopic sinus surgeries for chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps. FESS (Functional endoscopic sinus surgery)
  • Rhinoplasty for correction and restructuring, restoring functions and aesthetically enhancing the nose
  • Cochlear implantation and BAHA surgeries
  • LASER assisted surgeries done for tonsillectomy, nasal septum deviation and tympanoplasty (ear drum surgeries)
  • Head and neck cancer surgery
  • Micro ear surgeries
  • Advanced endoscopic surgeries for CSF Rhinorrhea and anterior skull base tumours
  • Micro-laryngeal surgeries for vocal nodules, polyps and thyroplasty for vocal cord palsy
  • LASER surgeries for stapedotomy, turbinoplasty , uvulo palato pharyngeoplasty (UPPP ) surgery for Snoring
  • Multi-speciality care for skull base tumours, microtia repairs and laryngo tracheal stenosis
  • Diagnosis & treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea syndrome
  • Full range of audiometry services including speech laboratory, hearing aids, sleep laboratory (Digital Polysomnography)

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